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Alcan Winter Rally 2004

THIS PAGE MOVED! Visit: Alcan Winter Rally 2004 and our Alcan Winter Rally 2008 pages.

We survived the Alcan Winter Rally and all have a serious bout of post-Alcan stress disorder. Although we've been home for months we still have tons of pictures to post, GPS data to analyze and graph, temperature data to present as well as other little gems. We'll get to that all that eventually.

What are we doing?

The Alcan Winter Rally is an ultimate challenge. A unique driving competition spanning nine days from February 18 to 26 and 4700 miles from Seattle to Anchorage by way of the Arctic Ocean. It is both a journey and a destination for which simply surviving to the finish is an accomplishment.

TeamD veterans Eric Horst and Steve Willey are competing in car number 7, a rally prepared and proven 1989 BMW 325iX. BMW 325iX sliding on an ice lake
Subaru WRX clawing through the snow Underdogs Jim Hogan and Dan Comden are making their mark in a 'wired' 2002 Subaru WRX, car number 11.

The Crew

Eric Horst, TeamD DriverSteve Willey, TeamD NavigatorJim Hogan, TeamD DriverDan Comden, TeamD Drivigator

These handsome men are the ones with the guts to sign up, the stuff it takes to survive and the skills to win the Alcan Winter Rally.  The TeamD People page tells a little about them and the rest of TeamD.

Our Sponsors

This TeamD Alcan Winter Rally effort is sponsored by: Yakima, McNamara Signs, Wrangler NW Power Products, 180 DesignBuild, Half Ass Racing, Recovery Gear and of course, TeamD Enterprises.  We heartily endorse all of their products and services and appreciate their generous support. See our sponsors page for links to their web sites.

About The Alcan Winter Rally

Highway to Tuktoyaktuk along the frozen Mackenzie RiverSomewhere along the Alaska HighwayAlong the Dempster Highway in Canda's Yukon Territory

The Alcan Winter Rally is the most challenging Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally in North America, if not the world. Starting on February 18, 2004 in Kirkland, Washington teams from near and far will undertake this challenge. Five days later, they reach the pinnacle, arriving in Inuvik, Northwest Territories -- over 2600 rally miles straight North. The hardy will want more, and take the added challenge of a round trip to Tuktoyaktuk, 150 miles further North on a seasonal ice road which runs on top of the Mackenzie River. The rally then makes a beeline for Anchorage, covering the remaining 1800 miles over the last four days.  In addition to the tortuously long distances and challenging timed sections there will be four unique ice racing events (on day two, four and two on day nine) which see the teams going for speed on race tracks snowed under or lakes frozen over.  The driving days will be long, but the winter days will be short. Temperatures will be consistently well below freezing and past events have seen -56F. Taken together this is a challenge to both man and machine. Careful planning and preparation are essential, mistakes can be costly. Complete details can be found at the Alcan Winter Rally website.

Prior Alcan Rally adventures


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