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The dashboard gets cluttered.  Here is our "Virtual Dash".

Dash plaques are a rally tradition.  Each rally typically provides a dash plaque to each entrant as a souvenir of the event.  Click a plaque to view more detailed statistics.
Armageddon XXII Redux Eric/Steve 2nd Overall, Jim/Dan 4th Unlimited in an Alcan Warmup
Totem Rally 2003 Eric/Steve 2nd Overall, Jim/Dan 5th Unlimited, Jeff/Marvin 3rd Calculator which sealed them as 2003 Pacific Coast Challenge Champions.
Night On Bald Mountain 2003 rally dash plaque Eric/Steve 2nd Overall, Dan/Marvin 3rd Overall, Jeff/David Carrol 1st Equipped
September 2003 Friday Niter rally dash plaque Dan is Rallymaster. Everybody else helps.
The Road Not Taken 2003 rally dash plaque 4 TeamD cars drive into the night.  Marvin and Jeff get first in class.  Dan and Jim's first time with a computer. 
August 2003 Friday Niter rally dash plaque Kim and Michael rally. 
July 2003 Friday Niter rally dash plaque Best friday niter ever!!!  Steve and Eric get lowest friday niter score ever! 
Coast to Coast 2003 rally dash plaque i <heart> the island
June 2003 Friday Niter rally dash plaque Tricky trappy drive around in circles thing.
No Alibi 2003 rally dash plaque Another great Rainier event.  Holly and Taylor and Marvin and Jeff and Sasha and Nicole all take home trophies.  Next year they all work :)
May Friday Niter A friday niter
Steve's 2nd rally, he mostly gives out the right trophies 
Cynthia's first Friday niter. 
a friday niter
Thunderbird Rally 2003 dash plaque Dan and Jim alternated driving and navigating.  Eric and Steve finally decided what the 'D' is for. 
Totem Rally 2002 dash plaque TeamD heads north with three cars, each performing well and having a good time.
Rallymaster Eric makes everybody work checkpoints!
Steve and Eric again kick butt taking the overall win.  Jim and Marvin take the WRX for 2nd in class.
Rally, rally, rally, drive around in the dark, hav fun, eat pizza.
Alcan 5000 Rally 2002 award Eric and Steve are rally officials, serving as car #0 pre-checking the route and as members of the scoring committee.
Dan and Marvin smoke the TeamD'ers, placing 3rd in Limited class and 8th overall. The trusty BMW takes Eric and Steve to 6th in class Equipped and 9th overall finish.    Taylor and Holly drive the Accord like the wind to take 13th in SOP.
Kim drove and Michael threw scorecard out the open window.  Time was lost in recovery.
Taylor and Steve had fun.
Dan and friend kick butt. 
The 'Save that passive aggressive bullshit for your girlfriend' Rally.  A fun romp with variable through route determinates. 
We perused the back roads of Eastern Washington on NoAlibi Rally.
May Friday Niter The Cosmo Rally.   What-ever!
A fabulous event enjoyed by all.  Steve's first whack at writing a touring rally.  Dan and Jim run equipped for the first time and bring home a trophy (months later).
Dan and Jim smoke the competition taking 1st SOP and 2nd Overall, in front of 4 Masters class competitors!
Delayed one week due to snow.  Eric and Steve take second in class and second overall.
Eric and Steve meet their goals by bringing the car and themselves home safely.  Weather conditions made for a rather "pedestrian" TBird. 
All your TeamD favorites ring in the new rally season: Eric/Steve, Michael/Kim, Dan/Marvin, Taylor/Holly
October Friday Niter One car takes 2nd SOP, another 1st NOV.  No more Novice class for Dan. 
NoBM Eric and Steve kick butt and take first overall.  Michael and Kim also win their class.
Mountains to Waikiki Very scenic map following rally.  Steve stuffs the navigating in the first leg and the rest could only get better.  
Eric's first rally as rallymaster
Horst siblings take 1st SOP.  M & K and Steve go to Der Ring. 
Joel and Steve run.  That's all i remember
Kim Drives?  No, Kim didn't drive.
Shawn and Sasha take 2nd Novice, with practically no odometer!  Technical troubles beset Michael and Kim leaving them 6th in Unlimited.
Eric and Steve worked checkpoints.
What Happened?
Michael and Kim win 3rd unlimited.
Eric and Steve worked checkpoints.
Eric and Steve, a couple of real bimwads.
Dan and Jim take third NAV.  Three TeamD cars ran a nice clean rally (except for Steve who regularly was confused about what speed he was supposed to be driving).
Eric and Dan take First SOP with Eric at the wheel of the iX, Michael and Kim finish in the running but out of awards. Novice TeamD invitees Glenn and Jim take Third Novice.
Michael, Kim and Eric have a rolling good time in the Rover.
Grand Canyon Tours Rally
Beautiful scenery.  TeamD's first rental rally.  
Eric, David and Sasha in the iX, Michael and Kim in the MR2. Scores dismal.
Eric worked and M & K kicked ass.  
Eric and Steve take 2nd SOP with Eric at the wheel of the iX, Michael and Kim take a long detour but hold on to 3rd SOP.
Rally included many roads we didn't take.  Did not finish due to illness.
Kim & Michael's continue to kick-butt taking first SOP.
Georgia's first rally.  Kim and Michael's first SOP class rally, they took 3rd SOP.
The angry local rally.  Two cars. Two trophies.  Kim & Michael's first touring rally.
Ran two cars.  Michael and Kim kicked-butt and took first novice. 
Ran two cars. Both tried to boast more off-course miles.
Ran two cars.  Michael and Kim kicked-butt and took first novice. 
Ran three cars.  First rally for Nicole, Nikki, Michael, and Kim.  Trophies for two of the cars.
Alcan Winter Rally 2000 license plate frame North!  North to Alaska!
We were confused about a scored Monte Carlo and ended up second Unlimited and fourth overall.  A nice gentle gravel rally.
Totem Rally 1999 dash plaque Our first gravel rally and first night rally!  We didn't ruin the car!
Second place overall.  Nice, solid performance.
Our first Unlimited class rally.  Missed an off-course marker and did a couple of loops around Echo Lake.
Our first SOP class rally.
Our first Calculator class rally. Second place overall.
Second Novice.
Three dumb screw-ups.
First Novice even with two dumb screw-ups
Actually finished this rally.  First Novice.
Our first rally ever! Learned about motion sickness.  The only Novice car so First Novice, by default.


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