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TeamD is composed of these dedicated individuals. 

Please see our Contacts page for full contact information.

In the cars:

dan* Dan likes to drive and is pretty darn good at it, even in his full-sized Chevy Blazer.  He will navigate if pressed.  In fact, he was pressed into navigating for the 2004 Alcan Winter Rally. His first Rallymaster role was played in September 2003 to great success.

Rallying with TeamD since spring 1999

Dan Comden (KC7SKZ)
  Seattle, Washington
marvin* Two time PCC Champion and someday world champion.

Rallying with TeamD since 7/2001

Marvin Crippen (KD7WMU)
  Seattle, Washington
michael* Michael drives rally cars like all of us wish we could.  Whether it's damp tarmac or dusty gravel, he's on it! 

Michael makes the MR2 go.

Rallying with TeamD since 3/2000

Michael Garvais
  Seattle, Washington
jim* Jim likes to drive his Subaru WRX.   And string wire and fabricate and solder and install and tweak stuff in his Subaru WRX. When not rallying Jim enjoys relaxing on his boat or lounging at Dans house.

Rallying with TeamD since Spring 1999

Jim Hogan (N7BFD)
  Driver, Technologist
  Seattle, Washington
eric* This northwest native has been driving and co-driving rally cars since he knew what they were.  He loves rallies that challenge his driving skills and any rally with lots of gravel or heaps of snow. Eric is the owner of a pair of BMW 325iX'es, one for play and one for work. 

Eric wrote his first friday nighter trap rally in September of 2001 and wears the scars of several more. 

Eric Horst (KA7OBN)
  Team Co-Principal, Driver, Navigator
  Shoreline, Washington
sasha* Sasha's years of experience steering kayaks and navigating the open sea make her a formidable competitor.  Rallying with TeamD since summer 2000.
Sasha Horst
jeff* Two time PCC Champion and someday world champion.

Rallying with TeamD since 7/2001

Jeff McMillan
  Seattle, Washington
kim* An ardent perfectionist, expert navie and professional gator wrassler, Kim is a force to be reckoned with.

Kim has been contributing to rally efforts since she's known what they were, and loving every minute of it!  Whether it's writing sponsor letters or replacing a head gasket, Kim is there.

Kim also has taken on Director of Education duties to help foster the next pile of rally fanatics. 

Kim Prater
  Navigator, Director of Education, and Rally Diva
  Seattle, Washington
steve * Steve started his rally career as a driver but has evolved beyond that into a skillful navigator. Now there is no going back. Steve still enjoys driving and burns the miles in his Saab writing touring rallies. When not out on the road Steve enjoys something, we're just not sure what.

Steve wrote his first touring rally in April of 2002. 

Notable awards: Pacific Coast Challenge 3rd place Navigator for 2002.


Stephen Willey (KD7GXO)
  Team Co-Principal, Navigator, Driver
  Seattle, Washington

More Drivers and Navigators:

TeamD is always looking for fun people to share rallys with, what about you?
Cary Bellak Rallying with TeamD since that first rally he did. 
Shawn Breeding Rallying with TeamD since 6/2001
Nikki Carder Rallying with TeamD since 3/2000
David Harto Rallying with TeamD since spring 1999
Nicole Nuber Rallying with TeamD since 3/2000
Holly Odegard Rallying with TeamD since 9/2001
Taylor VanVleet Rallying with TeamD since 9/2001
Georgia Vickers Rallying with TeamD since 7/2000

Support Crew:

nerfle* Nerfle has been engineering electronic solutions for rally cars since he knew what they were.  Anyone whose ever seen him with a soldering iron knows he's Nerfle.  

He is in complete command of many, if not all, laws regarding the motion of electrons in a medium.

  Chief Electrical Engineer
  Seattle, Washington

Plus our many friends, fans and family!

(NOTE: visages may appear altered due to varying rally conditions) 


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