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The TeamD stable:

1989 BMW 325iX "#1" a.k.a. Snowmobile


Eric's first 325iX, purchased in August 2000.  The car is mechanically stock but many original parts have been freshened up to keep it performing as it should.  Extensive rally additions have been made including BMW sport seats, Shroth four-point harnesses, Hella driving and fog lights, cockpit lighting, Timewise 798A rally computer, ICOM amateur radio transceiver, 12V power outlets, inverter for 110V AC, and Kmart drink holders.  This dedicated rally BMW is a veteran of many tough events and has also made a run North on the summer Alcan 5000 Rally as an official vehicle.  It survived hitting a deer at Night on Bald Mountain 2003 and has always kept us safe and on the road.


2002 Subaru WRX Wagon

What is a pile of rally cars without a Subaru?  Jim makes the WRX go. 

19?? MR2  (a.k.a. "Rocky's Ride")

That's Mister Two to you!

Michael is the master of this little T topped toy.


1990 BMW 325iX "#2"


Limited to maneuvers on tarmac only.


2001 Saab 9-3


First vehicle commissioned into the TeamD Air Force

Limited to maneuvers on tarmac only.


See our retired vehicles page for some past vehicles we've had the honor to rally in.


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