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Day 5 - Alcan Winter Rally 2004 Itinerary

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Day 5, February 22, 480 miles

Today we strike out from Dawson City on the most unique and loneliest stretch of road.  After leaving Dawson City going North there are no services and no people for 250 miles. The lunch stop in Eagle Plains is the only gas and food we'll see.  We willl be carrying extra gas cans to make sure that the car can make this lengthy 250 mile stretch of driving.  Cold weather tends to ruin your gas mileage and there is always the risk of being stopped by whiteout conditions where we'll burn fuel running the car while waiting for safe visibility to return.  The next stretch from Eagle Plains to Inuvik is another 250 miles, also remote.  On this second leg we'll cross two major rivers: the Peel and the Mackenzie.  During the summer these crossings are made by ferry but during the winter we cross on ice bridges.  The Mackenzie River is the longest river in North America at 2600 miles and drains into the Arctic Ocean.  Tomorrow we'll follow the Mackenzie all the way to the ocean.

Crossing the mountains on the Dempster Highway

We stop overnight in Inuvik, Northwest Territories and stay at the Mackenzie Hotel which is near the famous landmark Our Lady of Victory Church, also known as 'the igloo church'.  BMW will host a banquet for us tonight.

Day 5 Map (31K): Day 5 map - 31K or watch the animated map for Day 5 (223K)Day 5 Flash Map - 223K

Weather Along the Way:

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