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At 5:30pm today TeamD pulled into the Shoreline, WA residence of TeamD navigator Eric C. Horst greeted by a cheering crowd and suggestions that we should imagine the balloons and banner that would hav been there.

For the record: After day 1 we were 7th overall, after day 4 10th, after day 8 13th and finished 17th out of a field of 22. If it looks like things kind of went to Hell competition-wise you'd be right. We had miserable TSD sections on day 8 and 9, including racking up the max points of 200 on a section. We haven't seen the complete scores from day 9 but on the day's one TSD chaos ruled. We're beginning to believe that day 9 problems (and perhaps earlier) were caused by computer wiring or sensor malfunctions.

It was a little disheartening to finish low in the scores. Today, after being hassled by a US Customs agent for fishing poorly (but not for the case of Cuban cigars or the 5 illegal immigrants in the back of the car) i decided that anyone that finished this rally with their personnel, machinery, and credit cards in reasonable shape deserves nothing short of the Congressional Medal of Rallying. 'Nuff said about that.

Now begins the huge task of published all of the photos, stories, and video onto the website. it won't happen over-night and I'm not sure where to begin (like, what to do with this half roll of film in my camera).

We had a great time and are ready to start lining up sponsors for 2002 or 2004!



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