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Alcan Winter Rally 2000

TeamD did the Alcan, and the Alcan will never be the same!

The 2000 Alcan Winter Rally was the inaugural Alcan for TeamD. The idea was hatched way back in 1996 when Eric and Steve found out about the Alcan Rally and thought that they should do it someday. Fast forward to some day in early 1999 when they woke up and realized the time had come.

After training in the art of TSD rally for the 1999 rally season, Eric and Steve headed north in Steve’s trusted Range Rover. Lessons were learned, friends were made and a TeamD Alcan Rally tradition was started.

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2000 Alcan Winter Rally Scores


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Stories from the road and Pictures

Story Pictures Day Start Finish
Day 1 Day 1 Pix Fri Feb11 Kirkland, WA Quesnel, BC
Day 2 Day 2 & 3 Pix Sat Feb12 Quesnel, BC Fort St. John
Day 3 Sun Feb13 Fort St. John, BC Whitehorse, YK
Day 4 Day 4 Pix Mon Feb14 Whitehorse, YK Glennallen, AK
Day 5 Day 5 Pix Tue Fed15 Glennallen, AK Fairbanks, AK
Days 6 & 7 Day 6 & 7 Pix Wen Feb16 Fairbanks, AK Deadhorse, AK
Thu Feb17 Deadhorse, AK Fairbanks, AK
Day 8 Day 8 Pix Fri Feb18 Fairbanks, AK Anchorage, AK
Day 9 Day 9 Pix
Big Lake Slalom
Sat Feb19 Anchorage, AK Anchorage, AK

R & R day R&R Pixs Sun Feb20 Anchorage, AK Glennallen, AK

Return trip Returntrip pixs Mon Feb21 Glennallen, AK Watson Lake, BC
Tue Feb22 Watson Lake, BC Quesnel, BC
Return to Seattle
Wen Feb23 Quesnel, BC Seattle, WA

Stories from other people