Days 6 and 7



Arctic Circle, 66degrees N. Latitude

playing catch 

endless photo-ops

no, I don't hav to pee.

John doing the duty

deer-damaged BMW



Up the Dalton Highway




Atigun Pass
TeamD leads TeamIsuzu over Atigun Pass!!!!!


Tuck'n up the Dalton


The Arctic Oilfield Inn
Oliktok Point, as for north as you can drive in North America
In case you couldn't tell, it was really freak'n cold!!!



Kuparic oil field

that, my friends is an oil well


Last stops before heading back south

Anything you couldn't get at this store you didn't really need.

Gassing up at the North American Natives Association gas station.


South bound on Haul Road

artsy picture w/ the drivers hand

road on coastal plain

In stage 2 whiteout, snow blew in around the window

a Subaru was 'blown' off the road by a passing truck