Alcan Score Summary


Just got a quick note from Kathryn’s phone with the following summry. 19,

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  1. Jerry Hines Says:

    Some minor updates:
    * Cars 2 & 21 DNF’d for above reasons, and 15 was DNF on Blackwater. (He did make Tuk 5 days later in a rented Ford truck, then returned home).
    * Cars 13, 14 & 16 made Tuk after waiting 2 or 3 days at Eagle Plains.
    * Cars 14 & 16 became finishers after catching rally at Glenallen on the last day.
    * Car 13 caught up with rally in Valdez, and received the Isuzu “Go Further” award for being the only vehicle to touch all the “extreme” corners of the route.

    Stevan & Kristin’s 2008 veteran WRX ran great and is sold to a local electrical contractor. Joe, Shirley & Kevin headed south at 5:30 am today, Steve & I fly home tonight