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Collected Alcan rumors


There are a bunch of folks posting on Facebook, and one or two have some good blogs as well. In an effort to consolidate some of the stories, here are some rumors from Facebook and email:

  • Car #2 (Eklund) set fastest lap time at the Valdez slalom, then retired with a blown engine. We assume a DNF (Did not finish) for them but the rules are unclear and it may be that they take max penalty points for any remaining TSDs. If there are more TSD sections on the last day, this means they lose their lead position.
  • Car #12 (Vaysburd) set 2nd fastest slalom time, only a couple of seconds off Eklund’s pace.
  • Car #9 (Stenhouse) had a roll on the slalom. Driver is ok, and the Audi appears to be sound enough to finish the event.
  • Car #14 hit a tree on the Blackwater on day 2. They picked up a rental in Kelowna and made it to Inuvik and Tuk.
  • Car #13, 15, and 16 waited out the road closure on the Dempster to make the Inuvik trip. The last we heard (Annete’s Blog) car 13 was headed for Valdez to catch up with the rally while 15 and 16 stayed at Tok last night and will join the event at the finish. They will max out points on missed TSDs, but completed the ultimate drive north.

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  1. Peter Schneider Says:

    Thanks for the updates, I just noticed the link posting the scores.