A Thunderbird Milestone – Winners Tied At Zero Points


Friday night was unseasonably warm. My first trip to the car Saturday morning said so; descending the stairs from the second floor balcony at the hotel, I heard the sounds of escaping water in the downspouts. The roof’s snow cap was disappearing. We went to breakfast, early, so as to stay out of the crush later. The short drive to and from the Coldwater Cafe brought out our sunglasses. With temperatures up, I bled off a bit less air from our BMW’s tires than I’d planned to – since rocks and potholes now seemed more likely than rivers of snow. By start time, Reid was walking about without a jacket. Our own AlCan-spec coats and pants stayed stuffed in their bags. At 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, we’d been through three full sections… and no snow. We weren’t having much trouble holding the CAST, and we expected others weren’t, either. At The Thunderbird, both Unlimited cars and Historic cars run full computers, which meant that a dozen cars might then share our score. The Thunderbird is one of the great rallies of our time. Next year is the rally master’s Silver Anniversary. Watch for it to be announced in 2012 — and let’s make it a sellout of 60 cars.

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