TeamD at YukonAlcan Winter Rally 2004

The Alcan Winter Rally is an ultimate challenge. A unique driving competition spanning nine days from February 18 to 26, 2004 and 4700 miles from Seattle to Anchorage by way of the Arctic Ocean. It is both a journey and a destination for which simply surviving to the finish is an accomplishment. TeamD veterans Eric Horst and Steve Willey dogged the competition in car number 7, a rally prepared and proven 1989 BMW 325iX. Underdogs Jim Hogan and Dan Comden are made their mark in a “wired” 2002 Subaru WRX, car number 11. We survived the Alcan Winter Rally 2004 and have great memories and stories to show for it.

Our Sponsors

The 2004 TeamD Alcan Winter Rally effort was sponsored by: Yakima, McNamara Signs, Wrangler NW Power Products, 180 DesignBuild, Half Ass Racing, Recovery Gear and of course, TeamD Enterprises. We heartily endorse all of their products and services and appreciate their generous support.